Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Mini Purses

These little mini purses are great fun and will be for sale at my booth at 
the Waupaca Strawberry Festival June 21, 2014, Waupaca, Wisconsin.

I'll have 100 purses for sale - I hope to see you there

Let's see some details of these mini purses with handmade zipper pulls:

PADDED Camo Purses with handmade polymer zipper pulls.
The yo-yo decoration features hand made buttons, and there is another button inside marking the location of a hidden pocket!!

All handmade - I free motion quilt fabrics to give you a superior padded bag.
A padded bag will help protect your electronic device.

Detail of another handmade zipper pull.  I

By the way - I sell handmade zipper pulls, and handmade buttons too.
They will also be available for you to buy at Saturday June 21 
at Waupaca,Wisconsin Strawberry Fest.  

Come see the collection of 400 handmade buttons at my booth.
Sat. June 21 at Waupaca, Wisconsin Strawberry Fest.

Tropical Mini Purse

Its fun to zip open your little mini purse with a handful of bling!
I have lots of fun making these beaded zipper pulls.
The yo-yo flower is decorated with hand-sewn orange beads.

All of the mini purses have HIDDEN POCKETS inside!!!

There will be lots and lots of purses in every shade of blue you can imagine
So if you need a cure, come to my booth at Waupaca Wisconsin Strawberry Fest
Saturday, June 21

Free Motion Quilted Fabrics to pad purses and protect your electronic devices.

Custom made polymer clay pendant zipper pull to match this purse.
Wait til you see the lime green lining on this purse.  Its so pretty I could eat it.

I have more than 100 purses to sell - in your favorite colors.
I'll post more photos soon.

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