Friday, February 28, 2014

Laptop Totes and Soft Luggage

I use a vintage industrial button press and dies
 to make matching buttons for soft luggage, totes, and purses. 

There is a slim pocket for a pen, and 4 exterior drop and go pockets.

Free motion quilted cotton duct lining makes for a very strong bag.
Detail of Fancy Zipper Pull

Above photo you can see a pocket hidden inside another pocket!

A zipper pull with metal wristlet connector, split ring, and fancy black suede fringe charm adds flair.

 The free motion quilted interior is padded,
protecting your valuables, and giving this bag strength and durability.
Two rows of divided and undivided interior pockets

Side panels allow bag to "grow in size" to accommodate
all your travel items.  
COST: $45.00


I guarantee you'll love the feel of these hand-sewn slick glass and metal beads.

Soft Navy Blue Chenille Exterior
Two-toned Blue Zebra Striped Cotton Interior

Free motion quilted gives makes this bag padded softness

This piece of luggage was sheer joy to create,
 allowing me the freedom to quilt randomly.

Quilted front pocket
hand-sewn bead work added

Before Bead Work

After Bead Work

Elegante Nubby Black & Tan Upholstery Fabric, 22" Sports Zipper, polyester quilt batting, handmade tan and black Polymer Clay Beads, store bought Glass Feather Beads, Dragon Fly Brass Charm from my vintage jewelry stash with Black Cord

    The zipper pull is made of handmade tan and black polymer clay beads, that I paired with some glass feather beads and a large coin charm featuring a dragon fly strung on a black cord. Grabbing a handful of beads to zip and unzip this bag adds function, feels nice, and gives the bag a totally feminine look.


Handmade Polymer Beads for a fun Zipper Pull

These zipper pulls are my signature design element
on all of my soft luggage, totes, and purses.

"Tribal Seal" decorates the front pocket.  Machine embroidered here in my studio, 
it is a design I purchased from designer Derrick Castle.

Sturdy upholstery fabric makes a great laptop tote
and matching Kindle bag in Navy with orange accents.

Nothing thrills me more than to add decorative features.
The orange diamonds parade around the side panel of the tote.

Ample Front Pocket

Double Zipper Heads meet at the center to open and close

Padded Construction
protects your labtop device and equipment
Double Zipper Heads meet at the center to open and close
You can use the matching Kindle tote
as a purse.    
The straps are attached
to the top of the bag, making.  
IDEAL to carry around your neck.

Padded construction also on the Kindle Tote
Although not seen in this photograph, 
there are 3 pockets!


Butter soft interior fabric is grey microsuede 
If you are not a bead person,
simply unclip the bead strand leaving the leather strap.

allows the luggage to EXPAND
as needed.  

BLACK LINEN laptop tote
quilted/padded interior of uber soft black microsuede

This was a custom and monogrammed bag for
 a client in London England, a barrister no less!!

Strand of handmade polymer beads for zipper pull
Detail of polymer beads and jewelry I design and sell

Olive and Navy

 For laptop or soft luggage for travel
Free motion quilted microseude padded interior 

Luxury Tote with Big Front Pocket

Detail  of handmade beads, 
made to match the tote.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Totes!

Fun New Egg Shaped Totes for Spring - $30

Just the right touches added to this spring green and pink daisy tote.

I quilted this tote with a layer of warm and natural 100% cotton batting.
You'll love this padded and lined tote.  It will spoil you.

I handmade the pink buttons just for your tote.

And while I was forming the buttons, I made
a matching zipper pull.

The soft pink zipper runs ear to ear, opening up to a pink and white cotton lining.

There's a hidden pocket inside--set inside of a pocket.
Lift the button to open the hidden pocket.

There's a padded eyeglass case included with your tote.

Detail of the handmade zipper pull

You can carry this 100% cotton tote to the beach all summer long.

And there's more . . . 

A watery pink and green tote

Double straps, over the shoulder

Triangular shaped green and white zipper pull, handmade to match the tote.


Starry Night - 100% cotton
with Lime Green with Blue Stars Lining

It's the same great egg shape, with more details!

A kangaroo front pocket with extended angled strap in lime
makes a deep, secure pocket.

Kangaroo pocket securely holds my Kindle Fire
Look closely and you'll see a dangling O'Ring tab.

I adore Features with Function.  
You know, Function resolves problems.
Let me explain.

Function of the O'Ring Tab:
Sometimes when I walk, I listen to my Kindle Fire
and I feed my ear buds through the O'Ring tab.

When I'm finished listening I just stuff the ear bud cables
back into the pocket--allowing the ear bud itself to remain 
available at the edge of the O'Ring.  

Next time I use the ear buds--I just pull the buds up to my ears.  
Never again do I have to un-tangle the cables.  I works like magic.

Another extra deep pocket inside, keeps important items like a cell phone
separate and available at a moment's notice.  

I put my heart into my work . . .
hand crafting every zipper pull from colorful polymer clay.

Once you've zipped with a zipper pull,
you won't want to use anything else. 

Gone Fishing

Well I confess I don't fish, but I am totally
in love with this palm size bejeweled fish.

Any fish that pretty, needs a name.
What will you name it?

The fishy zipper pull is articulated--three moveable parts.
Don't let this one get away!

The 100% cotton exterior is quilted, and lined 
with a fish egg inspired printed cotton.

Using my Kindle Fire here to demonstrate 
the front pocket,

It's an ample front pocket, 
ah, but not quite big enough for the Kindle.

If you look closely, you'll see the fish egg inspired
cotton fabric interior and the top of a deep interior pocket.

Its more difficult than you think to open the tote
and photograph the interior.

Let's solve that problem--I'll add swatches of fabric in the future,
and post some "assembly" photos during construction.
Sound good?


Thanks for checking out my new spring totes.

I'll leave you with one last thought--
answering the question, "why do you quilt your totes?"

The quilted walls are softly quilted (padded) with 100% "Warm and Natural" quilt batting.

This gives the entire tote strength and allows the bag to hold its shape well enough
to stand on its own.  

Also, this is a pleasing and responsible way to use (re-purpose)
leftover quilt batting.  

I'll post more about my quilts later.
See ya.