Friday, December 21, 2012

Tutorial - The Ruff Purse

"The Ruff" Purse - $38
Come into my studio a minute, and see a tutorial how to sew the white, black, and gray ruffled purse 
"The Ruff"

The ruffle is constructed of 2" squares of knit fabric.
Cut the 2" squares using traditional pinking shears to create  zig-zag edge.  A rotary cutting zig-zag blade speeds up the process, cutting multiple layers quickly.
Each square is folded in half to form a triangle.
Each triangle sits one in front of the other,
and sewn in place.
There are 3 rows of stitched triangles. 
Begin by
Sewing 3 lines of stitches on the foundation fabric strip.
Watch the next photos and see how the ruffle is done.
Place first triangle on first line of stitching.
The point of triangle is facing you.
Sew 3 stitches into 1st triangle and stop.
Place next triangle, and sew through 1st triangle,
and 3 more stitches into the 2nd triangle, and stop. 
Place 3 triangle in front of 2nd triangle. 
Note the placement of the triangle
is always slightly under the front
of the pressure foot.
Continue sewing triangles the full length
 of the fabric foundation strip.
To the right is a finished strip with
3 rows of triangles.
3 rows of triangles sewn to fabric strip.
(ruffle opened to show you stitching line)
The Ruff purse has beautiful interior fabric
with matching swivel key fob.
 This roomy interior has 4 stacked drop pockets.
I was inspired to create The Ruff Purse after seeing this portrait of Queen Elizabeth painted in 1575, by Darnley
I hope you enjoyed this mini-tutorial.
There will be many tutorials to follow this one,
and lots of photos of my studio
Mill Street Studio - Scandinavia
(that would be Scandinavia, WI)
Help me spread the word--about my
little blooming business of
designer purses and travel totes.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Traveling Tote Bag

Everybody's got stuff.  Need a travel bag for your stuff?
This room Navy cotton canvas accented with lime green duck cloth interior and center ties will hold all your overnight travel items. 
Big pockets inside and out. 
Double straps fit comfortably over your shoulder.
"My Stuff" travel tote  - $35
18" wide by 15" deep