Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's A Wrap!!

 Summer Scarf Wraps

Lots of Sizzling Summer Colors!

One Size Fits All

See Demonstrations - Learn how to tie different fashion looks.

When: Saturday, June 21
Where: Strawberry Fest - downtown Waupaca, WI

Large Rectangle Scarves made at Mill Street Studio in Scandinavia.
3 Sizes - Mini $15, Midi $18, and Maxi $20

It's Fun.  Takes only Seconds to Tie!

Mini Wrap - $15

"Mini Wrap"
Fabulous Cobalt Blue Peacock
Just the right size to wear over a swim suit or halter top.

Tie it in the front, Tie it on the side, or Tie it in back.

So many ways to tie this Midi scarf wrap!!
Midi - $18

The midi scarf wrap and with a bracelet ties quickly into a flowing dress.

How slimming is this look?
Check out the elegance of the midi scarf wrap on a
38" bust, and 42" hip dress form.

Are you a size 2 to size 24?  The one-size-fits-all Midi scarf wrap is perfect for you.

Summer is a Cool Blue Maxi scarf wrap
2 full yards of graceful fabric.
Try this wrapped version.  Drape and Tie fast!!

View of the Tied in the Back
BUT--you could wear it tied in the front too!
OR, tie it off to one side.

Side View of Cool Blue Maxi scarf wrap.
Drapes so lovely and natural.  Covers tummy area too!

 Here's the Midi $18 wrap scarf in Cool Blue
Tied on the Side

Midi - $18
Oooo--this style would be amazing worn with white shorts or slacks.
Below shows how it's tied in the back

Easy Breezey Fabric
Wash by hand or by machine - Line dries fast!

Midi - $18
Sexy, Slimming, Swimwear Cover Up

Notice the long length of the ties, shortens the Midi
to a halter top.  Or, make the ties shorter to make the Midi into a dress!
So many ways to wear it!

Midi worn as a short dress tied at the shoulder

So easy to adjust how it drapes.
You can wear it snug and form fitting, or loose and casual.

Be sure to check out my booth Saturday June 21 at Strawberry Fest, Waupaca, WI
See you there!
See demonstrations how to tie these beautiful scarves.
So many delicious colors and prints to choose from
Make your summer wardrobe sizzle!